Virtual Training Client Profile: Rachel Spence on behalf of Mason, Peewee, Spring Valley, WI

Virtual Training Client Profile: Rachel Spence on behalf of Mason, Peewee, Spring Valley, WI

1. Describe in brief your player’s training routine outside of For the Love of Hockey Virtual.

During the regular season, Mason has practice 2-3 times a week. After the season ends, he gets one-on-one ice time for 3-4 sessions with with a family member who played hockey. At home, he practices on his own about once or twice a week.

2. Why did you decide to try virtual training?

Virtual hockey training was appealing on many levels. First, ice time is hard to come by. And private on ice hockey sessions isn't accessible near where we live. The thought that we can get private session with a coach at home seemed like a win-win for us to try.

3. How many session has your player had so far and how is it going?

Mason has completed 3 sessions so far and his fourth is tomorrow. Mason is loving it, has bonded with Neal and trusts his feedback and techniques. Neal even shows Mason how to do drills as a lefty which no other coach has done. As a parent, I can see his excitement for the sessions with Neal and because of that his excitement to practice these techniques on his own time as well more than he had before. Mason's shot has already improved in accuracy and is a harder shot. Getting the feedback report was a bonus because hockey players are very Stat motivated!

4. What’s your favorite aspect of training with For the Love of Hockey Virtual?

Hands down my favorite part is seeing his improvement. I'm getting my money's worth! But also love that Mason is excited for every session. We will definitely continue these virtual sessions.

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