If you love hockey and want to get the most out of your experience, then For the Love of Hockey is the place for you! We've created an amazing online community filled with resources, tips, hard-earned lessons and lots of humor. Everyone here understands that life can be overwhelming sometimes so we all come together to support one another. Come join us today and make new friends who share your common joys and struggles: hockey!

For the Love of Hockey on Instagram 

Kristina–a new hockey mom–set out to learn as much as she could about the world of youth hockey, and decided to share her journey with the world by creating an Instagram page. Soon after, a passionate community of like-minded families began growing around her – they shared their stories with us, finding support and joy in each other's triumphs.

A year after its humble beginnings, the @fortheloveofhockey11 community is a vibrant, helpful, sweet, opinionated, brave, and feisty group of parents and players.

The For the love of Hockey online store followed - creating unique styles inspired by this same community of players and their passionate players. 

Our mission

Our mission is to be a positive force in the evolving world of youth hockey. Leaning on the power of a thriving community, we'll work to improve the way we share resources, knowledge and support with each other and to make the journey lighter, more pleasant, and more fun even through the tough times. 

The Vartuli family

Peewee Luke and Squirt Jason are two bright, wild hockey kids who don't know anything else but a life filled with hockey. They both laced their skates for the first time at age of three. They are courageous and disciplined and face a rigorous training schedule on a weekly basis while also keeping up with their school work.

Dad Jack played hockey in high school and is and continued to be the main impetus for our involvement in hockey. He's eager to sign the kids up for as many lessons as he can to make them better and will often stretch family resources to do so. He means well. 

Mom Kristina enjoys learning about hockey one day at a time having never experience hockey in her youth. Managing the Instagram page has taught her a great deal about the unique ecosystem of youth hockey, which in turn has fostered a genuine admiration for the game. 

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