For the Love of Hockey Puck Soap

We've partnered with a family business in Seattle to bring you a heavenly soap in the shape of a puck and a luxurious gift set for hockey moms. 

All of these artisan products are hand-made in Seattle using only natural colors and ingredients. 

Say hello to paraben-, phthalate- & sulphate free!


Why choose Seattle Sundries


The perfect gift: The artisan puck soap

Leave the hockey stink behind with this artisan soap in the shape of a puck.

Ideal for men, women, and kids and makes for a perfect small gift for hockey fans of all ages. The unique fresh woodsy & mint scent brings the great outdoors straight to your shower. 

Bid farewell to the lingering odors of the rink and embrace the clean, refreshing feeling of our For the Love of Hockey Artisan Hockey Puck Soap. 
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Heavenly luxury

All in a clever and cute package 

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The Hockey Mom Self Care Gift Set

One stop-shop to making your hockey mom very happy! 

The gift set includes the signature For the Love of Hockey Puck Soap, a luxuriously smooth hand lotion, and an organic lip balm, perfect for lips that have been exposed to the freezing cold of the rink. All packaged in the Original Rink Tote! Hand-crafted in small batches by Seattle Sundries. 

This set will give any hockey mom the pampering she deserves.

Team gift sets (set of 10)

Save when you purchase a set of ten of the For the Love of Hockey puck soap.

Don't miss out on this exclusive offer to save and surprise – grab your set of ten 'For the Love of Hockey' puck soaps today and elevate your grooming routine to a whole new level of excitement!

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are your soaps?

Each bar is 3” wide and just over 1” deep, weighing 4 ounces or more. As with all handcrafted soaps, there may be some variation in color and slight irregularities in shape. This is a result of being cut and trimmed by human hands rather than by a machine.

My soap is sweating!

If you find that your soap “sweats” when left out, don’t be alarmed. It’s simply the natural glycerin in the soap attracting moisture from the air.

What is the best way to store a wet bar in my soap tin?

A wet bar should be stored in the tin with the lid side down. This is because a wet bar will stick to the tin, and it's much easier to remove from the lid than from the deeper part of the container.

What does RSPO certified mean?

It stands for Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil and is a certification given to palm oil producers who grow and harvest palm oil under the environmental guidelines of the organization. Palm oil production is a major environmental issue in SE Asia, in particular.

Do you use any ingredients from the SLS family, proplyene glycol, parabens, parrafin and its derivatives etc?

No, we do not use any petroleum based or synthetic ingredients in our products at all.