No Ice Time, No Limits.

We help young hockey players hone their skills, refine techniques, and master new ones — no rink required. 

How often does your child touch the puck while training on the ice? 

Common wisdom says not enough. We don't aim to replace ice time but to enhance it. Let's train! 💪

1% Better Every Day

Let's get started. Tell us about your player(s).
Here's what you'll need to train with us.
We simplify the booking process. See how. 
Find the right session length for your player. 

Who is For the Love of Hockey Virtual for?


Youth Hockey Players

Ideal for this age group, our live custom sessions keep youth hockey players on track developmentally. 

We believe that working on proper technique early and consistently is critically important for long-term success in the sport. 


Team Managers

We provide group discounts as well as custom group training options for groups of 6 or more. 

We also provide passive income opportunities for teams and organizations. 

Ready to learn more?


Adult Players

Playing on a team in the local men's league? Looking to work on specific areas or an overall improvement in technique? 

We help adult players improve from the comfort and privacy of their home. 


Every decision we make is to deliver the best measurable results for our clients. 

Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Laser Focus
Our 1:1 format with a live coach allows us to truly focus on YOUR ATHLETE.

Are they playing above age-grade? We will adjust our format to keep challenging them at a pace that's appropriate for their development.
Custom Plans
Personalized drills and plans help players see improvements after every session. Greater areas of needs are prioritized.
Progress Tracking
Our confidential feedback reports set the bar for accountability on both sides of the relationship. 

Convenient scheduling system makes it easy to book lessons as you go and as needed.

Use our convenient Booking Portal to book your lesson every time. Scheduling takes seconds.  

Three domains and ten areas of mastery keep everybody on track.

By removing the guesswork from the process, we focus on areas needing improvement, while leveraging data normalization across our pool of clients. 

Consistent reports involve parents in the learning process.

Partner Organizations

We're happy to partner with these organizations to deliver training sessions to more youth hockey players across the country. 

Easy Scheduling

"It was super easy! The initial email explained everything perfectly. I like that there was a portal, I can go in and see everything at once. The invites worked exactly as they should, I was able to save from the email to my phone calendar."

Rachel Spence

Spring Valley, WI

Real-Time Feedback

"I really like it! I like how feedback is given throughout so he can try and correct it..a lot of time me when you have too many kids in a session…a kid can be doing something wrong but no one corrects it. I like how Coach stops him and calls him over to focus on a tweak here and there."

Dave Smith

Boston, MA

Why Choose Us

Multiple-session discounts

Packaged sessions
Book 4, 8 or 12 sessions at a time for a deeper discount.

Bundles also allow us to work on bigger goals for your player!

Rich, yet flexible curriculum

Robust Curriculum
Our proprietary modular curriculum was developed to allow for flexibility. 

This means we will address areas of strength and weaknesses to create a balanced recipe of positive reinforcement, while also challenging our young clients.

Easy, hassle-free scheduling 

Easy Scheduling
Getting on a coach's schedule is never easy - our system simplifies the process. 

As long as a time is available at the time of booking, you can rest assured that we'll take care of the rest.

High quality standards

Quality of service
Our coaches are carefully vetted to make sure they provide the same quality training every time. 

Universal training standards ensure repeatable results you can rely on time after time.

Free progress reports

Progress Tracking
Your player will receive a free evaluation report after their first lesson in any of our packages. Progress accountability at its best.

Easy access, accountable to results, data-driven, obsessed with our clients' growth and development. 


Compare Standard Packages

Market value$180.00$360.00$540.00
Your savings10%15%20%
You pay$162.00 (you save $18)$306.00 (you save $54)$432.00 (you save $108)
Number of sessions4812
Flexible Scheduling (personal customer portal)✔️✔️✔️
Satisfaction Guarantee✔️✔️✔️
Free evaluation report✔️✔️✔️
FREE Nutrition Planner-✔️✔️
FREE Deep Dive Consultation ($75 value)--✔️

Make your player's success inevitable with For the Love of Hockey Virtual. 


Try For the Love of Hockey Virtual risk-free with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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