Leaving for a Four-Day Tourney? Let's Pack!

Leaving for a Four-Day Tourney? Let's Pack!

When preparing for a three or four-day youth hockey tournament, the task of packing can feel overwhelming. To alleviate some of that stress, use this comprehensive list to ensure you have everything you need for an enjoyable and successful tournament experience.

[  ] Knee hockey sticks and nets
[  ] Extra knee hockey balls
[  ] Deck of cards
[  ] Coloring stuff and crafts for the rink rat
[  ] Hand warmers (recommended: OCOOPA Hand Warmer, Rechargeable)
[  ] Garbage bags for dirty clothes

[  ] Phones and AirPod/headphones
[  ] Utty (Hanging Multipurpose Portable Hockey Equipment Drying Rack)
[  ] Snow boots
[  ] Hat/ knitted hat, gloves
[  ] PJs

[  ] Bathing suits and slides or crocs
[  ] Quarters for arcades
[  ] Charging tower
[  ] Motrin
[  ] Electrolyte drinks (recommended: Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier - Powder Packets)
[  ] Wine
[  ] Jello shots or pudding shots 🤪
[  ] Water/ water bottle/ hot compress
[  ] Pretzels and apples for before game snacks

[  ] Pineapple juice (recommended: Dole Light Pineapple Juice Drink, 48 Total Count)
[  ] Muffins
[  ] Cereal
[  ] Yogurt
[  ] Deli meat and cheese
[  ] Bread
[  ] Peanut butter

If kitchenette available in room:

[  ] Make ahead meatballs and/or stuffed shells or lasagna 

[  ] Eggs 

[  ] Mac and cheese

I trust that this list can be of assistance to you. Shoutout to the numerous Brand Ambassadors who contributed their insights in compiling this list. Please feel free to share your own packing suggestions or anything we may have overlooked in the comments section.

Anne K.

As I’m currently packing and this list is in my head I realized it’s missing the basics….jerseys, hockey socks, hockey gear, sticks, water bottle. Maybe those things go without saying but in case anyone is prone to forget things like me 😂

Anne K.

This is glorious. And considering I’m packing currently for a 3am wake-up for a tourney, suuuuper helpful!!!


Thanks for the hand warmer reminder. Got myself one, let’s just hope it get here before our tourney.


I leave the social gathering things like cards at home because we are done with folks by the time we’re at the hotel. Also, no need for rink rat items for us, but I do bring the Theragun for sore muscles.

D Smith

Missing cooler full of beer, camping chair for the grownups to sit in the hallway when the kids sleep and of course each family brings a bottle of bourbon for whiskey tasting night

D Smith
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