Easy Guide: Flying with Hockey Gear

Easy Guide: Flying with Hockey Gear

Flying with gear: This is the easy, no-frills guide for skaters only.

Skates and Jerseys

Pack skates and jerseys in a rolling carry-on.


Pack the helmet in a backpack carried by player for carry-on. Figure these are the most important and hardest to replace so keep them with you. Also, nobody likes the idea of the helmet being crushed and thrown around in the luggage area.

It's very unlikely that you'll be questioned by TSA for the skates but they are allowed. (Link: https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/items/skates)


Tape sticks together and wrap a towel around the blades just for extra protection. For youth and junior sticks, you can also tape them to an extra adult stick if available because it’s thicker and sturdier. 

You can use a stick bag, but you can also skip it. Many opt to tape sticks together and send them through without a bag.

Luggage Limits

Stick bag and hockey bag should count as one checked bag with Southwest. You can still opt to check them as two separate pieces of luggage because it’s free. If the hockey bag and stick bag don’t come through on the regular luggage area don’t freak out, check the oversized luggage area. It depends on the airport on which area they go.

Flying Back 

On the return flight, throw all my kids dirty clothes in their hockey bag to free up luggage space if you've gone somewhere cool and picked up souvenirs. Just remember to warn the check-in agent that it will smell if they unzip and check the bag 🫡.

Many thanks to the Baldwin family for these life-saving travel tips. Follow the boys' hockey adventures on Instagram 👉 @baldwinadventures .


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