Love, Mom: The Best Neck Guards for the Upcoming Hockey Season

Love, Mom: The Best Neck Guards for the Upcoming Hockey Season

By guest blogger and NY-based hockey mom Bridget Johns. 

Hey hockey moms and dads! Feels like we are just starting to ease into summer, but before you know it it’ll be time to gear up our kids for another epic season. USA Hockey has (finally and thankfully) laid down the law with some new rules, and one of the big changes this year is all about neck guards. Yep, those trusty neck protectors are now a must, which brings a small bit of relief to many parents who have concern about the safety of their little stars. So it’s time to dive into the best neck guard options that’ll keep our young pucksters safe, sound, and ready to dangle and snipe. A neck guard isn't just a piece of equipment; it's a great gift to kick off the season, showing your child how much you care about their safety and success on the ice.


Keeping Our Young Hockey Players Safe

Hockey isn't just a game; it's a way of life. For our kids, it's all about the thrill of the ice, the camaraderie, and those sweet, sweet goals. But as parents, we know that safety comes first. With USA Hockey’s new neck guard mandate, we've got to make sure our little grinders are well-protected. Don't worry, though—I've done the homework for you. Here are six top neck guards, and three integrated shirts, that will keep your kids safe while they chase their hockey dreams.

1. **Bauer NG NLP20 Premium Neck Guard**

First up, the Bauer NG NLP20 Premium Neck Guard. Bauer is basically the Wayne Gretzky of hockey gear, and this neck guard shows why. Made with DuPont™ Kevlar® (yes, the same stuff in bulletproof vests), it’s like having a tiny superhero around your kid's neck. It’s comfy, thanks to a moisture-wicking liner, and the velcro closure means it fits snugly without choking them out. Perfect for your little sniper who wants top-notch protection and comfort.

Reviewers say: The Bauer Premium Youth Neckguard Collar has received positive reviews for its comfort and reliable protection. Users appreciate its lightweight design and good fit, making it comfortable for young players during games. However, some feedback indicates that the neckguard can be a bit stiff initially, requiring some break-in time for optimal comfort​.

2. **CCM Cut Resistant Neck Guard Bib**

For those who prefer a more old-school approach, check out the CCM Cut Resistant Neck Guard Bib. This bib-style guard offers extra protection down to the collarbone, which is great for our younger players still learning the ropes. It’s made from durable, cut-resistant materials, and the adjustable velcro strap ensures a secure fit. 

Reviewers say: The CCM Pro Cut Resistant Bibbed Neck Guard is praised for its effective protection and comfortable fit. Positive reviews highlight its use of cut-resistant materials like Kevlar, cotton, and rubber, providing excellent protection against skate cuts while maintaining comfort and flexibility. However, some users have mentioned that it might be a bit bulky for younger players and can feel restrictive during intense movement.

3. **Shock Doctor Ultra 2.0 Neck Guard**

The Shock Doctor Ultra 2.0 Neck Guard is like having a personal bodyguard on the ice. Known for their protective gear, Shock Doctor doesn't disappoint. This neck guard offers high-impact resistance with a lightweight, breathable design. It even has an integrated clavicle protector—fancy, right? The four-way stretch mesh keeps it comfy, and the anti-microbial fabric means no nasty odors. Perfect for our enforcers who need robust protection without losing agility.

Reviews say: The Shock Doctor Ultra 2.0 Neck Guard Youth is praised for its lightweight and flexible design, offering comfortable and secure protection with its cut-resistant aramid fiber and BNQ and CE certifications​. Users appreciate the peace of mind it provides during games, but some note that accurate sizing can be a challenge​. Overall, it is considered a reliable and comfortable choice for young hockey players, though attention to sizing is important for the best fit​.

Price: $19.99 from Pure Hocke

4. **Warroad Cut-Resistant Neck Guard**

The Warroad Cut-Resistant Neck Guard. NHL star TJ Oshie’s company, Warroad, is all about high-performance gear, and this neck guard is no exception. It’s made from cut-resistant materials that provide excellent protection while being super flexible. Your kid can still pull off those killer moves without feeling restricted. Plus, it’s got moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties to keep them fresh on the ice. Perfect for our speedsters who need top-tier protection without the bulk.

Reviews say: New entry into market - too new to have meaningful feedback. 

Price: $59.00 from Warroad

5. **Skate Armor Youth Full Cut Circle Protector**

The Junior NLP15J by Skate Armor offers top-notch protection for young skaters. Designed with durable materials and superior padding, it ensures safety during intense skate sessions. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit, allowing freedom of movement while maintaining robust defense against impacts. Ideal for juniors passionate about skating, the NLP15J is the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and style.

Reviewers say: The Skate Armor Youth Full Cut Circle Protector has received positive feedback from users for its comfort and superior protection. Parents appreciate the enhanced coverage it provides, feeling more secure about their children's safety during hockey games. Many reviews highlight that children find the neck guard comfortable and less restrictive compared to other brands. The use of Spectra™ fabric for cut resistance and Air2Gel™ technology for impact protection are particularly praised for their effectiveness in preventing injuries.

Price: $36.95 at Skate Armor

6. **Aegis Interceptor Hockey Neck Guard**

Last but not least of the stand-alone guards is the Aegis Interceptor. This thing is like the Swiss Army knife of neck guards. It’s got a tough ballistic nylon shell paired with a soft foam inner layer, making it both protective and comfy. A longtime goalie favorite, the ergonomic design of the bibless protector means it won’t get in the way of your kid's epic hockey stick handling. Plus, it’s got antimicrobial properties to keep the stink at bay—because nobody wants to smell like a locker room all day.

Reviewers say: The Aegis Interceptor Impact Slash Protective Hockey Neck Guard is highly praised for its superior protection and comfort. Reviewers highlight the neck guard's use of D30 foam, which offers excellent cut and impact resistance, and its ergonomic design that covers all critical areas without compromising comfort. The breathable, moisture-wicking fabric ensures players stay dry and comfortable throughout the game. However, some users mention that it is relatively more expensive than other options on the market, but they generally agree that the advanced protection and durability justify the higher price​.

Price: $34.95 at Aegis

Integrated Neck Guards: Convenience and Protection in One

For parents and players looking for a streamlined option, integrated neck guards are a game-changer. These neck guards are built into the shirt, providing seamless protection without the hassle of separate gear, which makes it a no-brainer for players who would forget a neckguard, but wouldn’t forget a shirt! Here are the top integrated neck guards that are trending this season:

1. **Bauer Neck Protect Guard Shirt**

Bauer does it again with their Pro Cut Resistant Neck Guard Shirt. This shirt combines Bauer’s reliable cut-resistant neck guard with a high-performance base layer. It’s made from moisture-wicking, breathable fabric to keep your kid cool and dry during the game. The integrated neck guard is constructed from cut-resistant Kevlar® and offers full coverage without restricting movement. Perfect for those who want maximum protection with minimal fuss.

Reviewers say: The Bauer Premium Neckguard Collar Youth is well-received for its comfort, adjustability, and durability. Many users appreciate its lightweight design and soft lining, which makes it comfortable for young players to wear during games. However, some reviews mention that it might be a bit bulkier compared to other neck guards, which can affect the ease of movement for some players​.

Price: $74.99 from Pure Hockey

2. **Shock Doctor Ultra Compression Long Sleeve Neck Shirt 2.0 for Girls**

The Shock Doctor Ultra Compression Long Sleeve Neck Shirt 2.0 for girls is a high-performance baselayer offering a compression fit tailored to match the natural stance of a female athlete, ensuring comfort and performance. The shirt features a four-way stretch mesh in the under-arm zones for maximum heat release and unrestricted movement, a patented Sleeve Lock™ design with integrated elbow pad retention, and a silicone grip pattern on the sleeve elbow area for enhanced performance. Additionally, it includes an integrated cut-resistant neck guard with an easy on and off hook and loop closure, providing compression, comfort, and protection

Reviewers say: The Shock Doctor Ultra Compression Long Sleeve Neck Shirt 2.0 for girls is highly rated for its comfort and protection. Reviews highlight its ergonomic design, which provides a secure and comfortable fit, and its cut-resistant neck guard that offers reliable protection. Users appreciate the shirt's moisture-wicking fabric and flexibility, which enhance comfort during play. However, some users note that the integrated neck guard can feel slightly restrictive initially but becomes more comfortable after some use​.

Price: $69.99 from Pure Hockey

3. **Warroad TILO Neck and Wrist Base Layer

The Warroad TILO Neck and Wrist Base Layer offers comprehensive protection for hockey players, featuring 360-degree Kevlar neck protection and Cutlon® wrist guards, both designed to resist cuts. The shirt also includes an adjustable neck collar with protective foam to absorb impacts, and is interwoven with Ionic+® silver thread to reduce odor and safeguard against bacteria. Its breathable, sweat-evaporating poly mesh fabric ensures comfort, with a tight fit on the sleeves and a looser fit on the body for optimal performance. The additional protection for the wrist and neck is represented in the price.

Price: $189 from Pure Hockey

Reviews say: New entry into market - too new to have meaningful feedback. 

Let's Play

As we get ready for another season of slap shots, breakaways, and cellys, let’s make sure our kids are safe out there. With USA Hockey’s new rules, neck guards are now a must-have. Each of these five neck guards and the additional integrated options bring something special to the table, ensuring our young players can stay safe and focus on lighting the lamp. Your player might roll their eyes ever so much when they get this gift, but inside they will smile knowing that it’s a gift given with the most love. Here’s to a safe and wicked awesome hockey season! Let’s hit the ice, folks!

Love, Mom.

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