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By Stefanie Rock, CSN
Expert advice and planning by a seasoned licensed youth sports nutritionist, guest speaker, and author.

Great nutrition coaching does more than just teach an athlete how to eat right. It empowers and propels athletes to tackle life's obstacles with confidence.


Pick your session to begin your journey. Get on the road to better supporting your player's nutritional needs. Education and confidence delivered.

Beginner's Guide to Fueling Live Virtual Nutrition Session

Your easy beginner's guide to proper fueling for your youth player. If you are just getting started, this is the package for you. 

Family Premier Fueling Live Virtual Nutrition Sessions

For a more in-depth experience, choose our Premier Family Plan, which also comes with more perks.

Features and Benefits

  • Guidance

    Weight lost and weight gain guidance. Picky eaters guidance. Grocery lists. Meal planning for travel & tournaments.
  • Programming

    Pre-competition & recovery programing. Individual energy recommendations & nutrient analysis. 
  • Resources

    Accountability and support. Custom and standard digital guides. Video library. 

I found Rock Performance through For the Love of Hockey. The information Stefanie shares in her videos, and on her Instagram are priceless. She provides such great information and is willing to answer any questions you have, just reach out to her.

Maddie Hamilton

Hockey Mom

Eat to win... not just for a season, but for a lifetime.


Why choose nutrition coaching?

Youth and teen players face unique challenges to maintain hydration, to ensure proper exercise fueling, and to meet nutritional needs during practices, games, and tournaments.

With years of experience working specifically with these age groups, Stefanie has the unique perspective and expertise to ensure that her clients get the professional advice and guidance they need for optimal performance. On and off the ice.  

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